50’s Nostalgia menu 4.-29.5.2022

Elite offers a glimpse into restaurant life in the 1950s. After the war, people longed for entertainment and visits to restaurants became more common. Families gathered at Elite to enjoy a long Sunday lunch and that’s when the tables were full of delicacies. One of my favorite servings was pike perch à la Mannerheim – a classic that is said to be one of Marshal Mannerheim’s favorite servings; fried pike perch served with horseradish butter and mushroom sauce. Come experience the three-course nostalgia menu based on the favorite dishes of the time, which will be available in the restaurant until the end of May 2022.

Nostalgia menu 4.-29.5.2022 50 €
Waltari's special

Beef tartar with egg yolk
Pike perch à la Mannerheim

Fried pike perch, horse radish butter and mushroom sauce
Charmer of Helenius

Almond ice cream and chocolate sauce
Complete the menu

Bird broth jand green beans +10 €
Nostalgia menu is served during weekdays from 3pm during weekends all day.

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