Restaurant Elite is also a real classic on its menu and we cherish recipes that have remained on our list for decades. In our classic list you can find e.g. the hugely popular salmon soup “Jare’s favorite”, Tauno Palo’s creamy onion steak and Vovan Vorschmack, named after our former doorman Vovan. In addition to classic dishes, we serve the best flavors of the seasons, which change seasonally. From the beginning of the year, the menu is complemented by traditional blinis and flaming weeks, which enliven the atmosphere of winter darkness.

Seasonal menus

2010´s Nostalgia menu 2.-30.11.2022

Throughout the year, we’ve been reminiscing about Elite’s 90 years in business, reliving the nostalgic and colourful moments and memories of times past. Our nostalgia menu, a monthly selection of popular dishes from the past, uses flavours to offer a glimpse into...

90’s Nostalgia menu 2.9.-2.10.2022

The recession of the early 1990s brought a downturn to the restaurant industry, but Elite kept going with the support of loyal regular customers. As the recession started to ease, the menu became more diverse and drinks familiar from Swedish ships with exotic liqueurs...

80’s Nostalgia menu 3.-31.8.2022

In the 1980s started the golden era of growth, when eating out became more common and restaurants' menus became more diverse. Elite's menu featured, among other things, salt cured beef and roasted Arctic char, as well as the dessert that wast the hit of the decade,...

60’s Nostalgia menu 2.-22.6.2022

lite offers a glimpse into the life of the restaurant in the 1960s, when there were enough customers and more and more people came regularly. Elite was the place to eat, dance and meet. A lonely woman at a restaurant table was a rare sight back in the early 60s, and...

50’s Nostalgia menu 4.-29.5.2022

Elite offers a glimpse into restaurant life in the 1950s. After the war, people longed for entertainment and visits to restaurants became more common. Families gathered at Elite to enjoy a long Sunday lunch and that’s when the tables were full of delicacies. One of my...

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