70’s nostalgia menu 5.-31.7.2022

21.06.2022 | Arkisto

Elite provides a glimpse into restaurant life in the 1970s, when poetry and poets became more common. The restaurant hosted poetry evenings, writers ’meetings and book flea markets. The restaurant was filled with cigarette smoke and rumors, while guests enjoying beers.

New dishes were added to the menu – herring sandwiches, charred salmon and roast beef. The story goes that herring sandwiches were a favorite of poets in particular, and the bread was rinsed down with Marski ‘s spirit. Come and experience the three-course nostalgia menu based on these favorite dishes, which will be available in the restaurant until July 2022.

Nostalgia menu 5.-31.7.2022 50 €
Poet's sandwich

Herring and egg sandwich
Charrde salmon by Helsinki's Helmi

Charred salmon and false morsels stewed in cream
Sweet strawberries

Strawberries, sugar and cream
Roast beef and potato salad +10 €
Nostalgia menu is served during weekdays from 3pm and during weekdays and holidays all day.

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