60’s Nostalgia menu 2.-22.6.2022

lite offers a glimpse into the life of the restaurant in the 1960s, when there were enough customers and more and more people came regularly. Elite was the place to eat, dance and meet. A lonely woman at a restaurant table was a rare sight back in the early 60s, and not even women’s parties were happy to be admitted to restaurants – but this was not the case at Elite, and women were always considered important customers.

The Elite menu was filled with classics. The poor knights was popular dessert, and Margaretha, the wife of the restaurant’s CEO Willy, was sworn that this delicacy would never be removed from the list. Come experience the three-course nostalgia menu based on your favorite dishes of the time, which will be available in the restaurant until June 2022.

Nostalgia menu 2.-22.6.2022 50 €
Portier's asparagus soup

Asparagus soup
Wallenberg à la Willy

Pike wallenberg and tartar sauce
With love, Tauno

Poor knights and raspberry
Complete the menu

Finnish Goat Cheddar and pumpkin jam +10 €
Nostalgia menu is served during weekdays from 3pm and during weekdays and holidays all day.

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